I am a mum to 2 amazing little people and married to my awesome husband. I started Orielle Taylor Coaching after experiencing myself the powerful transformation that can happen through Hypnotherapy and NLP. After experiencing great change myself I felt passionate to learn and do more which led me to lots more learning, training and settling up my own business!

Over the years, I have experienced some significant life events and challenges and had developed whatever coping strategies I needed to get through them, but over time had spells of anxiety, some really challenging times of low moods and knew I wasn’t coping well. I was always someone who just got on with things and on the outside, always seemed to do well and achieve some great success in my life, despite feeling in turmoil inside. I was determined to learn better ways of processing my thoughts/feelings and experiences and have always been fascinated how we can take experiences and process them and use them to empower or disempower our lives. I have always been fascinated by human nature and really the power of the mind to shape our reality, happiness and how we live our lives.

My curiosity for my own healing and happiness, human behaviour and how the mind works led me to train in NLP practitioner initially, and though very sceptical at first, the benefits were immediate and profound, addressing many childhood experiences and other issues that came up over the course of the week. I was hooked! I genuinely felt my life changed that week, I shifted stuff I had been emotionally carrying since childhood and discovered a whole new empowering mindset. As you might imagine, this course and experience sparked a love and powerful curiosity to learn more!

I have gone on to qualify in many disciplines since that first course: including New Code NLP, Classic NLP, Ericksonian Hypnotherapy, Connected Kids™ – How to Teach Children Meditation, and Emo Trance, Hypnotherapy & Coaching Diploma, Generative Trance & Coaching. I am also studying for my Psychology degree.
I continuously explore and develop my own skills and knowledge attending workshops, seminars, supervision and anything that feeds my curiosity on the mind/body connection, our brains ability for change and adaption, spirituality and human behaviour.

My employed experience covered jobs in Children and Families and Youth Work sector. I am passionate about positive outcomes for children, young people and families. I don’t believe life needs to be the hard struggle we are programmed to believe by society, media etc. Imagine enjoying work, life, family…. feeling a nice balance, resilience to manage when hurdles do come along but have a growth mindset to help you mitigate life experiences. Now Imagine our Children having these skills and really believe in their own limitless potential!

I am passionate about working with people to empower them with necessary skills to find balance, happiness, resilience and a growth mindset. We always have choices and chances to change, sometimes we just need a little help to do that.

Let’s work together to create ripples of change in the world.

Big Love,

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